Capitalizing on its track record and know-how, MTI is a leader in content distribution to mobile platforms.

Content distribution service

A variety of services for daily life

MTI provides a range of services through mobile sites and apps that make user’s life more fun and convenient, covering music, healthcare-related, e-books, lifestyle-related information, entertainment and more.

Main content
“” is a music site for users of smartphones and other devices. It offers downloads of a huge range of tunes, for listening to the latest in J-pop and overseas hits, through to golden oldies.

“Luna-Luna” is a health information site for women, and is just one example of the all-round healthcare-related support provided by MTI. Numerous free health devices and data are freely downloadable to users of all sexes and ages.

MTI provides a variety of e-books, whether novels, comics, recipe books, text-to-speech books, dictionaries, or photo albums. Select from a huge line-up of popular books from the big publishing houses, including the latest comics or hit novels.


Real affiliate business

The real affiliate business involves promoting the sale of other companies’ content to customers at brick-and-mortar cellphone shops. Shop staff talk with customers face-to-face, recommending to them a variety of services, including movie- and music-related.
This nationwide sales channel (a real affiliates network) promoting the sale of these services at domestic cellphone shops has been built up over the course of many years, and is an important driver behind expanding the user base for MTI’s services. It is also becoming a means of promoting services provided by companies other than MTI.


Smartphone solutions

MTI’s smartphone service solutions have developed in tandem with, and as a result of, its early involvement in smartphone services, drawing on the technology and expertise built up in the process, and feeding back into support for smartphone services.

MTI’s proprietary indoor positioning system, the most accurate of its kind in the world

  • “IntraWave”: the positioning solution for indoor facilities.


ASP services, supporting corporate smartphone site development and operation

  • “MOBILE CONVERT”: an automatic conversion service for optimizing existing smartphone sites.



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